Local instructor opens yoga studio

Ellington has long ties to the community

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— Dorota Ellington has had long ties with the Sparta community as a resident for 16 years and a member of the Sparta Cultural Committee for the past ten. Professionally, she is a teacher of prose writing, literature and modern poetry at William Paterson University and Centenary College, and she has authored a bilingual poetry book entitled “Tied with a Red Ribbon.”

Her love of the arts and all things creative has led her to a new enterprise, Yoga Youniverse.

Ellington is driven by her world travels and continuous passion to embrace other cultures and philosophies.

“Finding yoga in my life dates back to 2007 when I spent a week meditating with Buddhist monks in the remote Drum Mountains of China while teaching English at a university there. I started practicing transdance body movement along with other forms of yoga like hatha and Bikram,” explains Ellington.

Inspired by many yoga teachers, Ellington started to explore becoming one and chose to be trained in the style of vinyasa, a form of yoga involving a “flow” where movement is synchronized with the breath. She received her teacher certification through what was formerly Younique Yoga, now Yoga Youniverse, in Sparta.

“I had experience managing a yoga studio in Montclair. An opportunity became available in my life to become a business owner, and I believe that the universe of yoga with meditation expanded my horizons to see what is true and helped bring me to all these connections.”

By February 7, the purchase was complete and Ellington took over Younique Yoga on Woodport Road and changed the name to Yoga Youniverse.

“The universe encompasses and nurtures all beings as we are ultimately one, and actually my kids, Maya and Niko decided Youniverse would best relate our view of living,” Ellington said.

Ellington is a proponent of hot yoga where rooms are typically heated between 90 and 105 degrees. She said that the heat allows people to safely reach new levels of personal flexibility beyond their usual limits and relieves stress because the heat calms the mind as it relaxes the body.

She intends to add to the schedule of existing hot vinyasa flow classes and eventually introduce more yoga styles based on traditional hatha, transdance meditation and possibly non-hot yoga.

Yoga Youniverse is open to all practitioners of different levels, ages, body types and flexibility level, she said.

“The studio’s goal is to support the health and well-being of our local community with affordable yoga classes taught by qualified teachers, and I strongly believe that everybody can benefit from yoga by it ultimately, the meditation and relaxation that yoga provides helps people find harmony in their lives,” Ellington said.

Yoga Youniverse is located at 192 Woodport Road, Sparta.

For more information on introductory packages and class schedules go to www.yogayouniverse.org or call 973- 494-6487.

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